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App Design



Event Branding/2022

final logo.png


Our deliverables included: a look book, an app, a website,  physical product, and a style guide My partner and I were tasked with taking, editing and compiling all images that you see. We created all the mockups that you see along with 3d models of the logo and videos of the website and app.

Boundless is a word that implies endless possibilities.


We chose to name our brand Boundless to communicate to our customers that here are no limits to their creativity or personality. In the society we live in today where every individual uses the same devices on a regular basis, Boundless will serve as a way to bring yourself into everything you use.

Your personality should shine through in everything you touch. With Boundless your devices will reflect you and your personal style while also providing opportunities for underrepresented artists. 

final logo.png
Look Book 

The mockups, photography and pattern design were all done by my partner Meghan Cleary and I. The look book is to provide information of upcoming launches to clients in the look book below, it is designed around the spring 2021 launch for tech device accessories. 

For this lookbook, we had to create an animated EPUB version as well as a physical book printed out and bound by hand, then photographed, we even included some extra stickers in the back of the book for fun!


Printed Booklet​

Product Packaging

Our physical product process began with acquiring the acrylic board and getting it laser cut and adhering the  3D logo to the board.​

Together we glued the pieces together to create the box, we then added magnets to the box for a detachable back, cutting the confetti by hand for an engaging unboxing experience and finishing off my photographing the final product. 

physical product wip.png
4collage images.png

Packaging for decal​

Final decal and packaging​

Digital Library and Information Architecture

My partner and I discussed the information architecture of the app and the website before building it, after discussing and mapping it out, Meghan created the information architecture you see here.

During the creation of the website and app (that you saw at the top of the page)  I built the digital library below which showcases layout down to the pixel size and placement on the page, along with color and image library, this prototype was developed in Adobe XD. 

site map.png
Screenshot (153)_edited.jpg

Check out this link to the digital library!

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