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Rise in domestic abuse during Covid-19

My creative process began with researching domestic abuse/violence. Upon further research I found copious stories about the influx of domestic abuse during this COVID-19 crisis, a lot of people -not only during this pandemic- feel trapped in the relationship, and during this time, even more so.

This led to the idea of being “bound” or “trapped” that is shown in my final design.

I chose to depict domestic abuse in a way that didn’t directly show physical violence/abuse, because abuse can be so much more than that.

 The yellow rose represents joy, or in Japan, courage and strength, and the binding around the rose symbolize all of those qualities being trapped.

not alone.jpg
queens crown.jpg

The goal of these posters is to show indirect violence and to not portray the victim as weak or helpless. In doing so there is the inspiration of resilience and empowerment to receive help.

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