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Event Branding/2022


For National Geographic’s “101 Inventions that Shaped the World” publication, I was charged with integrating two inventions (the Swiss Army Knife and the World Wide Web). Working with the Swiss Army Knife and the World Wide Web presented a unique challenge in fusing these two seemingly disparate inventions. The spreads and posters are used to promote National Geographic’s “101 Inventions that Shaped the World” event, which was promoted over the web, posters, and billboards, as well as a take-home booklet.

nat geo poster updated-03-04.png
nat geo poster updated-03-03.png

I was inspired by art history and decided to replicate these two technologies from similar historical periods. I used the fun abstract forms and color schemes from the Memphis style design for the World Wide Web from the 1980s. I was influenced by abstract expressionism, notably Kandinsky, for the Swiss Army Knife, which was created around the same time as the Swiss Army Knife. I then integrated these two art styles into a black and white line drawing that worked with abstraction and Kandinsky’s shapes, as well as the shapes found in Memphis style design and layout. The end product is a modernized version of the inventions, designed to entice viewers to come back to discover what additional inventions this event has to offer.

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