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Event Branding/2022

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Behind the veil is symbolism for who we truly are beneath the surface or in this case, our clothing our what we believe our “identity” to be. Unclothed, unmasked, and raw – this exhibition showcased the influence of words in our lives through graphic typography in a form of art, photography of distorted bodies of nude figures that are “unveiled” to their truest forms, and when they feel the most beautiful. 

Behing the Veil BLACK poster 2-06.png
Behing the Veil WHITE poster 1-05.png

The bold colors of each piece represent each person that was photographed, for instance “Nude 1” describes herself as a confident on the outside and extroverted like the colors shown, but when unveiled she is uncomfortable with parts of her body and being touched. The abstracted type along with this image is a word chosen by each subject and then abstracted. For Nude 1 she chose Opia which means “the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.”

Behing the Veil GREEN  poster 3-07.png

The choice of silk organza creates the veil that everyone can look through behind to the mirror behind it, which is a reflection of the self and for each person to think about about the self as they are exposing someone else’s insecurities and brings use close to understanding each other and how each individual is so complex and that no matter how someone may appear on the outside you may never truly know whats going on in the inside, whats going on behind the veil.

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