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The Muses is a music entertainment agency that sponsors and supports female-identifying DJs in tech house music to develop their craft. From high production videos, advertisements, outreach, female DJ events - the Muses create space for women to express creativity and thrive in an environment catered towards them. Within this project you will see, web design for the agency, outreach posters, banners, and billboards for the female DJ event, and album designs for four different artists, as well as their paraphernalia, are all included in this project.


Event Branding/2021

poster banner.png

To generate these abstract shapes, I utilized Blender, a 3D application. After working on the 3D models, I put them into After Effects and made animations of the shapes for album covers that will be used for Spotify song animations. These 3D shapes were also created to be larger-than-life immersive pieces of art that could be walked through and photographed during festivals.

website_mockupabout (1).png

Featuring work inspired by object synesthesia, these 3D shapes are inspired by each musician they represent and are showcased at the festivals as immersive pieces of art.  As someone with synesthesia, I wanted to display these artists in how I see their music. I chose the female artists that may have had stiffer-looking album covers that could be enhanced with the trending 3D album designs that are prevalent in tech-house music, and how each artist's “shape” can be turned into marketing for the female tech house event.

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