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Rivne is a smart home system designed to foster a secure, streamlined home environment with the click of a button that can be customized for each user. Temperature (heating and cooling), lighting, home security, music, and a smart bulb plant watering system are all options. All of these features include an energy saver mode and use positive reinforcement to encourage users to make more environmentally conscious decisions by notifying them of their consumption rates in comparison to their neighbors, as well as the monthly costs that each of these features incurs.



App Design/2022

This software was built to cover a space in the market where users can become quickly overwhelmed by having to use so many apps to accomplish something as simple as turning on the lights in their home or checking if the doors are closed. Our solution was to combine all of these features into a single app that uses voice commands and prioritizes security, because when it comes to your home, the goal is to alleviate as much anxiety as possible about the possibility of hacking or break-ins if you don’t have the proper security in place.


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Rivne is designed to adapt to your preferences and grow with you; as a technology-focused app, this is a key element that is highlighted in this work. This app works with other companies such as Amazon Alexa, Sonos, Hue, Google, and many more in collaboration to create 1 interface for all. I collaborated on this project with Abby Gregory and Milla Sebbah, and the screens you’ll see are all my designs, I oversaw the branding, logo development, and experimental phase.

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