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RoyalTea is a small batch tea company based out of London. UK. Their focus is creating luxurious flavors that make those who drink it feel like royalty, this little taste of London can be sipped from anywhere around the world.

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To create this concept, I worked primarily using hand typography as my inspiration, and how type can be used as an artform. Sticking with black lettering styles which complement the London royalty theme, the color palette is an eye-catching color that corresponds with the tea flavors so that they are clearly recognizable and quick to grab.

The three flavors have inspired the lords and ladies of the court, as well as the ever so popular “Bridgerton” on Netflix. Listed flavors are- Lord Fog – An earl grey and lavender iced tea. Lady Berry – Strawberry and blueberry iced tea, and Knighty night – Valerian and peppermint 

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